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Monday, July 2, 2007


As a kitchen professional, I was very curious to see Ratatouille. I've read the reviews, and all of them talked about the remarkable realism in rendering the food and a French kitchen. I have to say, it was spot on. The nice thing about computer animation is the way things can be perfectly illuminated. The pots and pans were gleaming, the food presented in its best light. Paris has never looked more appealing. It's worth going to see based on the visuals alone. But the story is fantastic. It started out a bit slow, but it was a very sweet, very entertaining movie. Pixar seems to be able to make an entertaining show without laying the sweetness on so thick that it becomes unrealistic and unappealing. Those guys really know how to write a story. I'm sure it will be on the DVD, but there was a really funny little short before the movie began, also worth the effort of getting out of the pajama pants and joining the crowds at the theater.

In other news, look for new flavors soon - the local farms are beginning to get fresh summer berries, and I'm just dying to put them with chocolate.

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Happy LOL Day said...

Now you made me want to see this.
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.