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Monday, July 30, 2007

Onward and upward.

Things have been moving right along here at the chocolate factory. The electrician comes today to start wiring the kitchen. After he's done and everything has been inspected, it will be full speed ahead to the finish work, calling the plumbers back to install the fixtures, and moving in the equipment! This weekend, we put up the framework for the new deck (the location of the main door is being moved, which means a new deck and stairs, all to facilitate getting that big-ass refrigerated worktop unit inside).

When I need a little perspective on my project, I like to click over to the Dream Home Diaries at the New York Times website. If you haven't read it yet, you really should. It's infinitely frustrating and highly entertaining. Just don't neglect the comments - they're the best part. To give you a quick rundown: a middle aged couple are building their dream vacation and one day retirement home on a small island in Florida. So far, they've owned the lot for three years, their dream cottage has become a rather less-than cottage sized villa, and the price that they were hoping to pay has doubled (from $350,000 to nearly $700,000). It's fascinating stuff, and very useful for putting my tiny, self-financed project in perspective.

All of this really can't come fast enough for me, and let me tell you why. I had a meeting last week with a very popular market in the Triangle area. They loved the chocolate, and want to start selling it!! The only impediment is liability insurance - something I've been planning on purchasing. I've been waiting to insure the new kitchen, since that will be the start of higher volume sales (God-willing). So, as soon as the new space is done, and the insurance is secured, I'll have a major wholesale client.

Tomorrow, we're going to do a little flashback and I'm going to tell the story of the monkey-man of central NC!

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