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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A tiny little kitchen visitor.

A few days ago, the newest member of the kitchen team arrived. His arrival was a little unorthodox, not many employees arrive through the mail. Obviously, no one informed him of our warm summers...

Under his parka, he was dressed for work, which he began immediately...

He was a little clumsy with the chocolate, though he seemed pleased with himself...

In the end, we decided he might want to stick to his original job description, storing data. After all, he is a 1GB usb flash drive.

Special thanks to Kary Rivera over at fling it girl, soon to be one of the hottest shopping communities on the web.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Long Vacation is back!

Actually, it's back with a twist. This year, I've added a mango-chile truffle to the mix. Here's the rundown of the flavors:

Key Lime Cream: tart limes, sweet, creamy buttercream, all in a dark chocolate shell, what more could you want?

Coconut Cream: like a tiny slice of coconut cream pie, tropical toasted coconut and just a hint of extra butter in the buttercream, also in dark chocolate

Mango Chile Truffle: the new arrival for the summer, I've combined exotic mangoes with a spicy Japanese chiles in a white chocolate ganache, complemented by the richness of dark chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel: even long vacations benefit from a little taste of the familiar - this is the classic, sweet, smooth caramel enrobed in dark chocolate with a touch of Celtic grey sea salt on top

You'll notice that all the summer flavors feature dark chocolate. In addition to being the most "good for you" kind of chocolate, I also think the complex flavors and slight (very slight) edge of bitterness are a great complement to the sweet, tropical flavors of summer. If you absolutely have to have your key lime cream in milk chocolate (or white) just send me an email or make a note in the special instructions box on the order form, and I'll be happy to accommodate.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Bacon and Chocolate, the movie.

You can now find chocolate covered bacon for sale on the website. I've had a lot of good response from the blogs (including one from, and several orders. The box includes 8 pieces of chocolate covered bacon, 4 bacon caramels, and 2 bourbon and black pepper truffles. There's also a big box (that's one whole pound) with double the amount of chocolatey-bacon goodness.

Once more just for the record, what does chocolate taste like when paired with bacon? It's pretty darn good. It's sweet, and salty, and a little smoky and really something you might just need to try.