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Monday, June 18, 2007

Gettin' Hitched

No, not me. Haha. Right. In that instance, the idea seems to be, "always the caterer, never the bride". But it's something I think about a lot. Again, not exactly what you might be thinking - I'm actually one of those rare ladies that has never imagined her wedding, or picked out her dress - although I have found the ring (but I plan on buying it for myself if things don't go in that direction).

I'm talking about the wedding industry. There's been a lot of talk lately about the high price of weddings and the tendency of people to capitalize on the willingness of brides and parents to pay for it all. There's even a counter culture of brides who , "trash their dress" - but really, isn't this just another way to sell more photography time? I'm not really bashing it - I think it's just a logical extension of a wedding day - every girl wants to be a princess on her special day, and she'd also like to be a fashion model, pouting and preening in a fountain or a dingy alley. So where does it end? At what point do you stop feeling like you're providing a legitimate service, and start feeling like you're fueling a raging fire of emotions and fleecing little Susie out of one more dime she could have spent on her mortgage?

It's a question I struggle with, because I am aiming at the wedding market. In the slow months after Valentine's and before the holiday season starts up, wedding season is the respite of the struggling chocolatier. Who doesn't want a perfect little box of truffles with their new initial waiting at the table for their guests? And what makes a better thank you to all the friends and family that have put up with your antics for the past months than a big, indulgent box of chocolates? (and maybe a thank you note) But will I become part of the greedy masses, trumping up the idea of perfection to a starry-eyed consumer?

I'd like to think that I won't. I think most people who know me would agree - I'm a decent sort, and I'm not out to fleece anyone. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that everyone in this industry is - I know there are lots of people who really are interested in making someone else's day special, and they're not interested in gouging simply because it's a wedding. But one can't ignore the fact that there are some services that may be the same (i.e. a limousine) that cost extra when the intended recipient is a bride.

So now that I've had my say, why don't you order some truffles for your wedding?


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

You're silly. I have been thinking about your chocolate again. You know, there are many things I am sure that you thought of doing but I would love to see something unique mixed together. what do you have?

LØVE Chocolate said...

I’ve got a whole list of ideas of unique combinations. I’m hoping to work out a smoked chocolate some time this summer (I have a friend who is quite talented at smoking food). Someone the other day asked me for something with curry – which I’m probably going to start working on next week.

For sale on the website, I’ve got a Sea Salt Caramel, a Pink Peppercorn Caramel, an Olive Oil Truffle (these were the first three “unique” ones), Mint Mojito (mint, lime, and a little kick), Chile Caramel, and I think that’s all for different. Not listed but also for sale is a Jalapeño Cordial – think cherry cordial, but replace the cherry with a candied jalapeño and the syrup is spiked with tequila.

If there’s some combination that you’d love to try, I’ll be happy to custom create a box for you. There’s a 12.50 one time fee (which means that if you want to order another box later, you’ll just pay the usual 16.95 or 8.95) and a maximum of three flavors per box.