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Friday, June 8, 2007

The Search for a Name

Before we began this little journey, I would never have said that one of the hardest hurdles to jump would be naming our enterprise. I've always been great with names. All of my pets have really, good, interesting names that match their personalities. My fictional children have always had names that would neither make them sound foolish, or scar them for life (Hello Moon Unit, how are you?). Why should naming a company be any different?

My first instinct was to go with something that reflected one of my aforementioned really cool pet names. I thought that would make it more personal, and sound good. I thought about Luca (my horse's name). But Luca what? Luca Chocolate? Luca's Chocolate? Just Luca? Luca was out. Next we tried a combination of our names (remember, I used to have a partner). The best we could come up with wer DEVA and LEVI. No.

One of the most promising came from an offhand comment that David would say when he was at a loss for words. But, after a few weeks, Blue Monkey Chocolate lost its luster.

Part of our logo was a lion. I am a huge Queen fan, and I've always loved the cover of "A Night at the Opera". David used that idea to create our own logo, and draw our own lions. Lion Chocolate does exactly roll off the tongue. I did a multi-language search for the word, and løve was discovered. Løve is the Danish word for lion. The exact pronunciation is "leuve" or something like that. We say love. It's faster, and requires less explanation.

It took about six months, and more words than I remember (I still have the lists), but I really feel like this is my company, my name. That's a great feeling.

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