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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Foodzie, your newest source for LUCA and more.

Late last year, a charming new site called Foodzie launched, and I was one of their first vendors. Foodzie is the product of three friends, Rob, Emily and Nik, whom I met a little over a year ago. I knew right away that they were onto something great - bringing together talented food producers from all over the country and giving them a chance to share their passion with a much larger audience.

So much has happened for Emily, Rob and Nik - what began as an idea shared with me at a cocktail party (though I'm positive there was a lot of work on their part before that, but it was the first time I found out about it), quickly grew to a burgeoning tech startup, thanks to a successful bid to join Techstars, a business incubator in Colorado (I sent Sea Salt Caramels to that audition!). Now they're garnering all sorts of excellent press, and taking me along for the ride.

First, a post from Slashfood .

Next, a nod from the NY Times .

I can't wait to see what good things come next, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! So if you want to find me and other delicious treats and support local producers and an awesome entrepreneurial team with ties to NC, head on over to foodzie.

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