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Saturday, January 24, 2009

ah, the perils of the peanut

Why did it have to be peanut butter? Of all the condiments that could be contaminated, why did it have to be the silky, sweet-savory companion of strawberry jelly and white bread? Why couldn't it have been Miracle Whip or pickled herring?

If you shop for my products at the Weaver Street Market, one of your choices is the peanut butter truffle - a particularly delicious confection (if I do say so myself). Since we consumers have been warned against peanut butter containing products, it's natural to suspect my darling little peanut butter truffles might leave you with more than just a pleasant memory and a whisper of chocolate on the back of your tongue.

In the interest of making informed choices, I want to let you all know that I use Full Circle Foods Organic creamy peanut butter, purchased in consumer sized jars from the grocery store. I've contacted them, and they've told me: " We are NOT involved in the pb recall!". Also, I've eaten one or two peanut butter truffle scraps, and I'm fine. Well, "no salmonella" fine, all other forms of fine are subject to individual assessment.

So stop worrying, and eat more truffles.

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