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Friday, September 14, 2007

New Fall Flavors

Finally! They're here! Say goodbye to summer, because it's time for all things crisp and sweet. Sure, summer was a lot of fun, and nothing beats a cool, creamy Key Lime Cream in the middle of a hot August day. But now, the leaves are turning, the heat wave is over (and not a moment too soon), and without further comment, here are the new flavors for the season...

Candied Apple Caramel - soft, milk chocolate covered caramel made with fresh apple cider and bits of candied apple

Pumpkin Seed Toffee - crunchy toffee with toasted pumpkin seeds, half dipped in dark chocolate

Ginger Spice Buttercream - warm fall spices with the zing of candied ginger in smooth fondant blended with creamery butter in a white chocolate shell

Marzipan Squares – a perfectly candied almond nestled in sweet almond dough, covered in dark chocolate

Orange Apricot Cream – orange buttercream with a touch of Grand Marnier, blended with sweet, tangy apricot pieces, in a dark chocolate shell

They're available in several different collections, so click through to the store and buy yours today.

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