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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After Dinner Chocolates

Great meals have a way of satisfying you and leaving you wanting more all at the same time. The savory dishes tend to win out over the sweet, and by the time dessert rolls around, you may crave something sweet but there simply isn't that much room in your stomach. Sure, lots of restaurants keep a bowl of peppermints by the cash register for just such an occasion, but what if you don't like peppermints? What if you want to keep that epicurean vibe going with just a small bite of something sweet, rich, and satisfying? (Can you see where I'm going here?)

If you're eating at M'Coul's Pub in downtown Greensboro, you've now got a perfect option. LUCA Chocolate is now on the menu as an after dinner, after dessert, or with-your-drink option. Currently, they're selling two flavors, the Sea Salt Caramel and the Dark Chocolate Truffle, but the menu will change with the seasons. A great display case is in the works, but for now, just ask your server for LUCA!

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